Heal & Seal

A Program for Diastasis Recti & The Pelvic Floor

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Healing and restoration for women

In all stages and phases.

What is heal & seal

Heal & Seal is a created, not duplicated program for the core and pelvic floor with treatment specific to the individual woman and her symptoms beginning with an assessment of abdominal function and abdominal/fascial integrity.

What is diastasis recti?

Diastasis Recti is a thinning and spreading the midline fascia, the Linea Alba, not necessarily abdominal separation. This often happens in pregnancy but can happen at any time, due to an imbalance of intra-abdominal pressure, creating the adaption of the fascial midline, a diastsis.

What is pelvic floor dysfuntion?

PFD has a variety of symptoms associated with it but is essentially when the pelvic floor does not maintain appropriate tension creating symptoms such as incontinence, vaginal/perineal heaviness, prolapse, pain with intercourse, lack of vaginal sensation etc.

Can I heal?

Absolutely! A woman's body is powerful and adaptable no matter how old you are, whether you had vaginal delivery or c-section, grandmother, or not a mother. Diastasis and PFD is a muscular condition and muscles can be trained!

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