Calories or Macros Take Two!

Calories or Macros PART TWO!

Yesterday we chatted about protein. Why it’s important for our bodies and not just from a muscle perspective.

Today, we will dive into the second Macro: Carbohydrates!

Did you know there are two types of Carbohydrates? YUP!

Simple and Complex. Labeled as such based upon several things but most importantly to YOU is the way they metabolize and affect your BLOOD SUGAR or insulin levels

Simple carbs metabolize very quickly, creating a rapid and significant spike to your blood sugar and insulin secretion from the pancreas. These types of carbs are great when training and you need a sort of quick pick me up. However, they are way too frequently consumed which can lead to insulin resistance or more commonly called “Weight-loss Resistance.”

Feel familiar?

Types of simple carbs include all of your favorites. Cakes, cookies, pastries, candies, PASTA (especially American pasta, pure Italian is better), bread, etc.

Having trouble loosing weight? Look at what you eat. Is it littered with the above?

On the other hand, we have complex carbohydrates. Called such because they don’t metabolize as quickly, creating a more sustained form of energy for the body as well as more nutrient dense. That insulin spike? Not common with this type of carb.

Typically complex carbs are the less “yummy” type like oatmeal (gluten free for me), Italian pastas, rice (non bleached), grainy breads, sweet potatoes.

Now let me sidebar for a sec…I’m a HUGE fan of potatoes and for MOST people, they cause little issue insulin-wise UNLESS there is already a propensity for pre-diabetes or diabetes. IN which case I’m a believer of avoiding until blood sugar can be more naturally regulated. But overall, I love me some taters.

Now, WHY do we NEEEEED Carbs?

Energy! All carbohydrates metabolize in glucose which provides energy for our cells. When eaten methodically and the right type for your body, it can be a valuable resource for cellular production, cellular health, and muscular health.

Don’t worry…I’ll dig into the HOW do you eat this stuff later in the week. Stay tuned.

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