Ozempic, Semaglutide, & the Pancreas

Gut got you….Struggling?

Lately I’ve been doing a ton of research on the digestive system and it’s relationship to hormones and metabolism

It has become obscenely common for women to walk through my doors, struggling to lose weight, have regular bowel movements, and balanced hormones.

Yes, exercise helps…until it doesn’t.

You see, our fat cells are stored toxins and excess hormones. In order to metabolize a fat cell, we have to be efficient and effective at metabolizing excess hormones AND excreting them. (poop, sweat, etc) <– #thegut

So enter the dive into the PANCREAS

I have to admit, this dive was prompted from the many women now trying ozempic and semaglutide and a conversation with my bestie who is a PA sharing the likelihood for pancreatitis in these women is great.

So, down the rabbit hole I went!

Did you know the pancreas has a dual role? Yup! It not only secretes enzymatic juices to break down food into parts and pieces the body can absorb, it also secretes HORMONES for blood sugar regulation?


I am going to break this down into two follow up emails because the info is too “juicy” for just one. <—see what I did there?!

But for this email, just settle into the realization that the pancreas performs two duties DIRECTLY related to BLOOD SUGAR and to DIGESTION.

Kinda feels like an important organ right?

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